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—-How did you decide on your respective solos?

Matsumoto: That was also based on the most popular requests. We already decided from the very beginning that we were going to do this with “just the five of us” this time around. And we were going to get the other members to come out during each other’s solos. We discussed it and thought that doing the backdancing ourselves would be neat. Well… I shouldn’t really be talking, but it was a lot more work than we thought.
Sakurai: Were we even supposed to dance to the entire “Shake (Matsujun’s solo, “Shake it!”)”?
Matsumoto: ….ahahaha! (bursts out laughing)
Sakurai: I kinda just… remembered what it was like during the rehearsals all of a sudden. When we asked Matsujun “How much of it are we dancing to?”, he was like “Oh, the interlude and the chorus, so just a little bit”. “Okayyy, we’ll do it then,” we said…
Aiba: Kinda like our spoken agreement, right?
Matsumoto: That was… a total scam (laugh).
Ninomiya: The Shake Shake Scam… and we were brilliantly tricked.
All: (bursts out laughing)

source: [Arashi] FC pamphlet - The ARS Times - Vol. 15

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