Hi everybody! I'm from Argentina (a country at the end of the world). This is an Arashi fandom. Yes, this space is dedicated to those five guys who love their jobs, they are great at it and in the meantime they make us love them. Enjoy!

PS: I try to keep my other likes under control, but here you'll find films, quotes, books, landscapes, travelling, rock n' roll and humor reblogs/posts.

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Amazing ♥ - Arashi ni Shiyagare 2014.10.18

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This is too much for my heart xD~

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  Oh shake it, shake your body 
Shake it, shake your body

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Sleepy Killian

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#what is wrong with you #save it for the bedroom

Killian ‘I-will-eat-you-with-my-eyes’ Jones

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Completely meaningless You’re faraway, on other side
Being manipulated by you Up to imaging
Now, it feels like something is missing Imaging-Imaging Crazy// Ohno Satoshi

-Lyrics Translation by : yarukizero

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#she invited him in #because she didn’t want to part with him yet #i’m fine

#talking tacos 

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