Hi everybody! I'm from Argentina (a country at the end of the world). This is an Arashi fandom. Yes, this space is dedicated to those five guys who love their jobs, they are great at it and in the meantime they make us love them. Enjoy!

PS: I try to keep my other likes under control, but here you'll find films, quotes, books, landscapes, travelling, rock n' roll and humor reblogs/posts.


Only he could pull this off…

Vsa,bikini man,Ohno,

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do u ever hear an anime op from something you watched a long time ago and you can feel ur middle school self rising from the depths 

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you can preach about slut-shaming all you want, but you can’t deny there’s something very wrong with 13 and 14-year old girls going out in skirts and dresses so short they barely cover their asses and shirts with necklines so low they show off cleave they haven’t got yet, drinking and even smoking and hooking up with guys before they even have a substantial knowledge of how sex and sexual relationships work.


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Classic Novels + YA Movie Retelling


"Sebastian, this isn’t working. I’m never going to let this happen."

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💕 16/30 edits of Jun 💕

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Ouat Meme - Ten Characters [6/10]

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[part one]

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"We easily run into each other. And he’s a DoS. Well, last time when I was having lunch with my friends, looks like Jun-kun had an acquaintance  there and he suddenly slammed the door open. So it slammed open and he saw me, then he told me, “Why are you here!?” with a slight slap on my face. And then as the sake was brought he said, "You are quite my favorite kouhai." The difference between his sweet and his harsh part is huge.”-Ohkura Tadayoshi, Jimusho Kouhai

/15 days to go before our renowned DoS’ 31st~ 

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