Hi everybody! I'm from Argentina (a country at the end of the world). My motherlanguage isn't english so please go easy on me, I've studied it for years but I still make mistakes :)
This is an Arashi fandom. Yes, this space is dedicated to those five guys who love their jobs, they are great at it and in the meantime they make us love them. Enjoy!

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Cutie patootie

Traning Camp.gif (: yuu-jin)『i just find it incredibly endearing and sweet when the members patiently encouraged Sho with his Acrophobia (even if they do laugh at his antics lol) and am i the only one that broke into a huge grin when everyone rushed over to help him up? ♥ 』

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the always perving caring OhManager (ft. MatsuJun) 「5x10 DOME」(: yuu-jin)

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Beautiful Days PV.gif 「流星の絆 OST」(: yuu-jin

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空鷹く.gif 「10-11 Tour “Scene”」(: yuu-jin)

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10-11 Tour Talk.gif 『 nino pointing out why sho is the only one in a tank top. the members ganging up on poor sho who is left defending that he wasnt given a choice and drags aiba into the conversation (saying when he wore a tank top two weeks ago his chikubi was showing the entire time) lol aiba retaliates by sneakily exemplifying why. dorks; every single one of them♥ 』

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alinecsilv whispered: Hola, usted participa en el Movimiento de Schoenstatt?

Siiii! Soy una JF del Santuario de La Loma (Argentina). Como ves mi blog en tumblr no tiene nada que ver con el Movimiento pero cada tanto hago un post sobre eso! De donde sos vos? Justo mañana salgo a misionar (misiones universitarias de Semana Santa) asi que probablemente no vea tu respuesta hasta el domingo. Que alegría que me dio este mensaje!! Unidas en la MTA :)

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