Hi everybody! I'm from Argentina (a country at the end of the world). My motherlanguage isn't english so please go easy on me, I've studied it for years but I still make mistakes :)
This is an Arashi fandom. Yes, this space is dedicated to those five guys who love their jobs, they are great at it and in the meantime they make us love them. Enjoy!

PS: Sundays and Mondays are OUAT crazy reblog days, don't get pissed about this, instead, join the craziness! ;P

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Ohmiya ♥ - VS  2014.04.24

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Someone like a shinigami please!

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Mother nature has a sense of humour, and so does Ohno Satoshi.

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Fight Song Concert Compilation (chronologically) 

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You guys know how much I love compilation hahaha school has started and it sucks so i need Fight Song for my mental wellbeing so i compiled everything and put it in my phone :> Gonna upload as well for those who like Fight Song as much as I do. Oh and only Popcorn live didn’t have this song since AAA… 

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Nekomiya ♥ (=^・^=)

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