Hi everybody! I'm from Argentina (a country at the end of the world). This is an Arashi fandom. Yes, this space is dedicated to those five guys who love their jobs, they are great at it and in the meantime they make us love them. Enjoy!

PS: I try to keep my other likes under control, but here you'll find films, quotes, books, landscapes, travelling, rock n' roll and humor reblogs/posts.

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[Throwback] 嵐 Stand Up Hawaii 2002. <3 なつかし!

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Today Article pics

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my view from tonight lmao

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Aiba Masaki

On Hawaii Local TV 

what’s up with make up ???

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The song list for MUSIC STATION's 3-hour special revealed



TV Asahi will broadcast its ‘MUSIC STATION 3 Hour SP' on September 26 at 7:00 pm. At this time, the songs that each participating artist will perform has been revealed.

AKB48, Superfly, and Sexy Zone will all perform a special medley. In addition, Arashi will deliver their special…

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Does this mean that Arashi’s tag is popular on tumblr? *__*

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Please continue.

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[J-web message]
I was engaged to Satoshi in Hawaii.

What’s this?!!
Hahaha Ohmiya!! 😄

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Arashi Blast in Hawaii Concert Report for Saturday 9/20


Go send yarukizero@LJ all the love for always being so kind to post reports of the Arashi concerts attended.  Suggoi ne, Arashi no fan no minna-san!

Cr: yarukizero@LJ

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"Arashi Blast in Hawaii" Concert Report (9/20)


Hello again! Since “Arashi Blast in Hawaii” was a concert open to general audiences, there have been lots of fan reports and pics/videos (to Johnny’s dismay) floating around the interwebs.  I was thinking of not doing a con report because of this.  However, I like to look back on my 10sai post, which takes me back to the concert and the memories I had there.  So, if I’m not writing this for the fans that couldn’t be here tonight, I’m writing it for myself so I have something to look back on to reminisce about the first time I saw Arashi live in concert.  Let’s get started!

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